There’s no need for discussions about “what is to be done” at this point in the game. Everything that needs to be done is being done: the plenums (people’s assemblies) that are taking over Bosnia and Herzegovina; the autodefencias (armed self-defense groups) battling government corruption and drug cartels in Mexico; the raging street battles between anarchists and fascists all across europe; protecting squats everywhere; showing solidarity with our comrades in captivity; really, really foctofishree markets; Indigenous Peoples standing up for our mother earth; Citizen scientists taking the lead in introducing new ways of thinking Academia will not accept for a century, if ever; citizen journalists digging the truth out, in stories the professional media refuse to take notice of; DIY videos to share it all!

in these and thousands of other everyday actions, the revolution has begun. Join us, and we win. Continue to somnambulate to the deathculture’s knell, and you’ll only have yourself to blame for what happens to you, with no allies and a corporate state that would rather be rid of you.

We can end this, now – forever,
if we resolve to do so.

It is our time!


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