I’ve wanted to do this since my release from prison in 2006, but…

It’s taken on a much different form than I’d expected. this is a compilation of writings I’d done while incarcerated.

When looking over the material, I was surprised at how much I had remained focused on a particular theme. Call it redundant if you like, I prefer to think of it as Consistency.

So, rather than publish a collection of closely related rants, diatribes, book reviews, and essays, I’ve spent some of the past five years forging a single work from the many pieces.

Danged if I remember the publishing history of the originals. Some of them were:

  • Empire for beginners, from anarchy: a journal of desire armed
    For the barbarians, from primal scream
    Against the new world order, co-authored with brian mcgarvill, from green anarchist
    Class dismissed, from green anarchy

These make up the bulk of this zine’s innards, though it seems there are other related rants.

As mentioned above, there seemed to be a common theme to much of what I was writing about in the late 1990s, and early 21st century. Even as I experienced the effects of neoliberalism from within the prison system, I could only anticipate an impending release into a heightened police state, which I was already describing as fascist during clinton’s reign. (i wrote a column for portland’s street roots newspaper for a few years. see part 1 – Fascism in the 20th century.)

I came up with the term “Ultramodernism” as a kinda kitschy throwback to the 1950s – when I was born.

The 21st certainly does seem like a redo of the 20th century so far, complete with a pending world war, or prolonged cold war – or both – to go with the internal drug wars, the paranoid delusions of terror warfare, and death by remote control from the sky. And technology promises many more such atrocities in the future.

Yet, despite of it all, I feel optimistic for my personal future. There is absolutely no reason to go along with the evil machinations of the corporate world, who actually have the audacity to think they can turn the entire world into a dystopian deathcamp, inc., and we’ll just meekly submit to their rule. But they are wrong in thinking that we cannot see through their deceptions.

There are plenty enough people who have had more than they’ve desired of this deathculture, and want to see it end.

We can end it, now – forever – should we resolve to do so.



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