Ultramodernism: Man-infested Destiny

Ultramodern sovereignty does not reside within the nation-state, but is wielded by transnational entities; treaty organizations and financial institutions of regional and global scope. In many instances, the Master Race relies upon the state to enforce elitist dicta over the objections of the state’s own citizens, and in contradiction to its own laws. States are becoming increasingly unnecessary to the ruling elite, however.

The Democratic Republic of Congo exists only on paper. In the actual land delineated on maps as constituting the DRC, the federal government controls only a segment of the country around the capital. The rest of this vast nation has been overrun by bandits from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, even as far away as Angola. In this region, a strong, centralized government does not suit the Master’s needs. The Eurocentric corruption at the heart of Capitalism has always prevented the development of DRC’s abundant mineral resources and potential agricultural production.

While one must not fall into the trap of romanticizing the many cultures and Peoples of Africa from pre-history to today, it is difficult to contrast the many horrors earlier peoples inflicted upon one another with the acts of genocide perpetrated by invaders from distant continents.

Most of the Peoples in the region designated as the DRC once enjoyed an easy life of gardening, fishing, foraging and hunting. They were too preoccupied by dancing and festivals to work for wages. In short, they had lives that were rewarding and satisfying, with little or no need for consumer goods. Any government which tried to change these circumstances met with resolute indifference or determined resistance, and eventually failed. Unable to access the DRC’s incredible bounty of natural resources through economic development, the Master Race fell back upon tried-and-true methods to get at them: conquest and plunder.

Since the invaders are not connected to the land and Peoples of the region, they have no hesitancy to clearcut the rainforests in order to plant coffee and cocoa, or to strip-mine the mountains and thereby poison the local water supplies. How many people have died during these most recent years of carnage? Three million? Eight million? Twenty million? It doesn’t matter, because these people were not producing anything of value for the Master Race and were therefore as expendable as they were irrelevant.

And where do those tiny, impoverished, neighboring nations acquire the military capability needed to invade and occupy a country five times their combined size and at least that much more populous? There are many billions of dollars being made through this holocaust. What the Master Race wants, it gets.

This sort of regressive behavior doesn’t fit into the Progressivist, neat little worldview of purposeful, linear development leading toward utopia. Unless one drops the pretension that this civilization is not based upon racism, that the utopia to be achieved will be enjoyed by the Master Race and their lackeys, and created by the sweat and blood of the rest of the world. The example of the DRC may be the most extreme, but it is hardly unrepresentative of how the Master Race functions in the Ultramodern Age.

Plan Colombia, a strategy developed by oil corporations and the US military-industrial complex, will bring about extraordinary political and economic chaos in Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. This plan is based on two goals: the flow of oil through an actual, physical pipeline, and the flow of funds through cash pipelines.

Political and economic conflicts, like those in the DRC, will likely never affect the flow of either cash or oil from South
America, but will prevent the overwhelming majority of the people there from benefiting from either pipeline, or from having any say in the matter. Cocaine production is the big money item for most rural people in the region, the only thing that prevents many from complete economic destitution. This makes the future of the area look frighteningly similar to conditions in Afghanistan over the past 25 years – rival warlords fighting over control of coca fields, some controlled by leftist guerrillas, some controlled by the local state, some by foreign armies, some by organized criminals.

The willful naïveté of most Ultramodern dissidents is obscene. Their emphasis on dialogue and education will do nothing to change the Master Race, or challenge its existence. The Masters understand what they are doing. All the death and environmental ruin they cause are not a series of unfortunate events that somehow occur, unintentionally. Billions of people’s lives are not necessary for the Master Race’s purposes. If people cannot find some way to serve the Masters, or if they somehow get in the Master’s way, they will not survive.

This is as true for people living in areas flooded by megadam-building in China or India as it is for people living in the radioactive wasteland surrounding the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe complex, as it is for people forced off their land by mountain-leveling coal mining in Appalachia, and people starving in the former capitals of conquest because their economies of theft and plunder were ultimately pillaged by international banking cartels.

The creation of a consumer-driven economy initially made it appear as if the world was entering a post-scarcity era of abundance. In the post-capitalist, Ultramodern era, economies are built around the concept of downsizing. Industrialization in undeveloped countries is being carried out by and for the Master Race. The local people do not benefit from having their cultures, societies, land, families, individuality, and sense of dignity destroyed.

As factories disappear from what was once the First World, the former members of the proletariat take their places among the multitudes of unskilled, landless workers, whose economic viability is always in doubt. This multitude has taken the place of the various types of laboring masses. The castaways and those still experiencing economic viability have one, shared identity, one function – that of consumer.

The historic union of twin power shared by capital and state is a thing of the past. International capital needs no state support, unless such support better suits the Master’s needs. Corporations are wealthier, face fewer social or legal restrictions, and are not usually held accountable for their actions. Their institutions – the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, etc. – shape laws and regulate economic activity. If it weren’t for its function of protecting the Master Race’s interests from the retaliatory outrage of the many disregarded, dispossessed, displaced people of the world, governments would have little justification for their continued existence.

The Nationstates must sustain themselves through terroristic wars against their own citizens. The state is the muscle backing up the Master Race’s demands. In addition, the United Nations must maintain the illusion that lines on maps have relevance, or it loses its own relevance. Current political boundaries must be maintained, no matter how many Chechnyas, Darfurs, Kashmirs, Kurdistans.

UN peacekeeping forces enforce the lies of maps in order to keep the Master Race’s plans functioning smoothly. National identities must remain intact, not because they are just, fair, or even functional, but because we have reached the post-historic, Ultramodern era. Nation-states that exist now have always existed and will always exist, thus say the Masters.

World War One was an effort by the ruling elites of the industrialized nations to divide the world into permanent have and have-not nationstates and spheres of influence for the Master Race. It also allowed them to crush the international solidarity rampant among the workers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

One of the war’s chief apologists, US president Woodrow Wilson, described it as an effort to make the world safe for democracy. What he actually meant was that the natural resources of the world would be made available for the benefit of the industrialized nations. This attempt was only partially successful, so it was repeated in the war over fascism (WWII – in which the Japanese fought their way into the 1st world), and further refined during the subsequent Cold War.

What the elite learned from their experiments was:

  • propaganda campaigns could manipulate the people within industrialized societies to leap to their deaths unquestioningly, upon command
  • a modern society will accept death camps, as long as “other [minority] people” were being exterminated
  • no atrocity committed against a civilian population is inexcusable, especially if the media and government act like it never happened.

Having learned this throughout the course of the 20th century, the ruling elite were ready to implement their Ultramodern vision upon a world traumatized by violence, and under the never-ending threat of imminent nuclear annihilation.

In the 21st century, we are living through a transformation in the way civilization functions. The wall of lies utilized to put a liberal face on the rule of the Master Race is beginning to erode and the vile face of fierce ruthlessness necessary to enforce its regime is becoming easier to discern.

In his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in 1988, Bush the Elder proclaimed that we had entered into a New World Order. I was alarmed to hear someone drunk with power – and who knows what else – crowing over the seemingly unlimited authority the Master Race had achieved. The media tried to pretend it never happened, but the concerns of many, many people who – like me – were stunned into disbelief by Bush I’s proclamation of power, forced conservative political pundits to eventually address the President’s megalomaniacal ranting. Mostly, they stressed the “fact” that the NWO had been in existence for quite a while and was nothing new after all. Most lefty-liberals fell in line with the conservatives and even tried to outdo them by claiming that the NWO was just more of the same old capitalist imperialism. This isn’t so. The emergence of the Ultramodern world represents a new epoch in human evolution, an event so profound as to put an end to history. Not by negating it, but by bringing historical processes to their conclusion. This is IT: the ultimate fulfilment of human endeavour.

The great lie of Progress, the one which captivated Marx and generations of class warriors, was that liberal, bourgeois states and capitalism would create material abundance enough to enrich everyone, and provide us all with lives of material ease. Marx’s unrequited infatuation with industrial society prevented him from looking behind the smoke-screen of capitalism to see the fallacy of perpetuating its infrastructure, but under new management. So long as people still believe in the liberal lie of material abundance for all, they will continue to be subservient to the interest of the Master Race.

All cultural and social differences are now irrelevant, since the Master Race has reduced all possible identities to one; that of the consumer. This concept of the “multitude” is a disgusting attempt to create a sort of multicultural racism. Anyone of any race or culture is permitted to participate in the annihilation of social and cultural differences, and to share in the plunder gained. The Master Race buys out cultures, and discards what is unmarketable. Where it finds rich, varied Peoples with lovely folklore, obscure languages and customs, it develops plastic trinkets, travel brochures, and brothels for the tourists. The local languages die out, the old stories are forgotten, and everyone becomes an American.

With no place left to expand, Capital is forced to return to the same consumers time and again. New cars, new houses, new computers, are sold to the same consumers who had the old ones. With wages falling across the globe, there will be no expanding markets created through the spread of industry to previously undeveloped lands. Each abandonment of one country for another brings another downward movement in the global economy. More prosperous consumers – better consumers – will be forsaken to create lesser consumers somewhere else.

With this redundant economic system, we have not only entered a post-historic era, but a post-capitalist one as well. Capitalism is based on increase. Investing money to generate profits, thereby creating more money for more investments to increase production and generate still more profits. Where the post-capitalist economy fails this equation is in the increase of production. Production now remains stagnant, if it doesn’t actually decrease.

Capitalism has discarded its historical imperative to increase material abundance. The new goals of the Ultramodern economy are to boost stock values and rob the poor. Traditionally, stock values increased when a company increased profits through increased production and expanding markets. However, the dizzying heights reached by stock markets at the end of the 20th Century were created by downsizing rather than expansion.

Instead of building additional factories and manufacturing new products, corporations nowadays add to their bottom lines by firing their employees, closing old, outdated factories and building new, updated ones abroad. Health benefits for the work force are cut, as are their wages. Retirement funds are robbed. The increase in profits generated this way gives stocks a false value. In order to keep inflating their stock values, corporations must continue to downsize, or juggle their ledgers. This is not sustainable.

People who act in the interest of the Master Race are absorbed into it. However, when industry flees from one country to a newer, more exploitable one, the economic contractions in the abandoned country ensure that fewer people will join the Master’s ranks. The movement of industry between countries may generate profits for the Master Race, but they leave economic ruin in the abandoned states. The sudden loss of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in exports can devastate most nations’ economies.

In addition, there are limits to Earth’s resources. Knowing this, the Master Race is placing limits on the availability of privileges, granted to few people. These select few, however, will have tremendous wealth at their disposal.

Those who still lead cheers for economic democracy have yet to get a clue about finite natural resources, or about Ultramodern economics. Argentina, a classic example of a developing state that built itself into a First World economy during the Postmodern era, had its economy crushed by the Masters. Argentinian prosperity doesn’t suit their needs, just as Iraq’s or Colombia’s don’t.

Ultramodern civilizations definitive quality is its apparent omnipotence. It is everywhere and manifest in all our daily activities. It represents the triumph of the Master Race as embodied in capitalism. All cultures, ethnicities and other categorizations of human beings have been commercialized, turned into demographics. Our differences have been turned into marketing devices.

The nationalism that dominated the Cold War era has been forsaken for a borderless land of opportunity for economic endeavour. Regional differences are merely justifications for the hyper-exploitation of workers and resources. Whereas in the Postmodern era there were three worlds, now there is one that has absorbed all three and scrambled them in the process. Shopping centers, sports stadia, financial districts and industrial parks are indistinguishable in any country – Canada, Vietnam, Mexico or Nigeria. The same is true for shantytowns, homeless people’s camps, landfills, and ghettoes.

Human existence has become banalized to the point of meaninglessness, the alternative being horrific irrelevance. The former, present, and future proletariat are offered the incentive of the shopping mall while menaced with the spectre of homeless beggars. The Third World has migrated to the First, the First exported to the Third, while the Second is being destroyed. The mega-wealth being generated by these processes is being reserved for the Elite, who will invest it to further increase their own wealth, while less and less is left for the rest of humanity to compete over.

Capitalism isn’t dying, it’s dead already. Yet, its rotting, bloated corpse staggers on, and sustains itself by feeding on the living, consuming life in all its manifestations.



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