this is the modern world

The historic conditions for the emergence of a single, all-encompassing, totalitarian social order were created during the Modern era. Rebellions against European imperialism in the Americas started historical processes which eventually led the world beyond Modernism into a new, nightmarish, Ultramodern social order.

Authority in the new American-style state was not based upon the divine right of kings, but allegedly on the popular will of the citizenry. By the turn of the 20th Century, the few nations which had not exchanged the rule of nobility for that of elected legislatures were suffering political turmoil. When the revolutionary forces of the masses finally succeeded in crushing one such regime, a schism formed which thwarted the Master Race’s plans for one-world hegemony for as long as the conflict remained unresolved. This was the Post-Modern, Cold War era, which began with the end of World War ll.

WWI had been an attempt to divide the world into permanent national entities and spheres of Euro-American influence for the benefit of the Master Race. The Russian Revolution upset the effort, by challenging the dominant form of capitalism (liberalism) with a socialistic one. And, by serving as an example of how even the most backward, underdeveloped nation could rapidly industrialize and grow into a powerful, Modernized state. This was not appropriate for the plans of the Master Race, which desired a single worldview, with every country appointed its specific place.

It was tragically naive of the non-Europeans to fall for the ideals promoted by the Master Race.

The lie was that each nation could develop its own economy along the industrial and economic paths forged by European and American states in order to gradually develop into societies identical to those of the First World. The reality is that the power and wealth enjoyed by the First World is dependent upon the exploitation of the resources and people of lesser developed places. In order to keep those resources available to the Master Race, lesser developed nations must remain so.

It’s very easy to see how the deliberate creation of social crises in order to justify increased state intrusion into peoples’ lives leads to the development of a corrupt civilization. It’s no surprise that people don’t seem to appreciate the extent to which this corruption infests civilization, since the officially sanctioned fairytales of history do not acknowledge how much such corruption has shaped civilization from its beginnings. However, historians don’t like to examine the rotten heart of ancient empires, and prefer to glorify them.

Brute force was deployed to bring “law and order” to places destabilized by the actions of the very same forces which later assumed power. This strategy worked as well for Akkadian warrior-kings as it did for Egyptian god-emperors as it did for fascist dictators.

At the beginning of the Modern era, almost everyone on Earth was a subsistence farmer, hunter, herder, fisher or forager. By the end of the Modern era, the Industrial Revolution had become the greatest force of the historic process. Industry turned agricultural people into proletarian masses, accelerated the urbanization of society and enabled European empires to force their cultures upon the rest of the world.

Whereas the various peoples of the European states had been welded into national identities – for example; Catalans, Castilians, Galicians and Basques were transformed into Spaniards – during the era of European imperialistic conquest, there was no real effort made to bring the conquered people into the imperial

realm as citizens. Once the newly-discovered Peoples had been relieved of the riches they had accumulated over generations, they were relieved of their lands, and forced to produce trade goods or otherwise increase the wealth of the Ruling Powers.

Imperial power was represented in the foreign colonies by administrators who were citizens of the realm. Those they ruled over were not citizens, and thus were at the mercy of the administrator’s whims. When the colonials revolted, they took over the administrative functions of their former rulers and offered citizenship in increments to the local inhabitants.

People eventually stopped identifying themselves as different Peoples, but instead as nationalities. Rather than remembering their ancestral heritage, the various Peoples of each nation were only taught about events and places within their local, national boundaries. This gave an illusion of permanence to the state, which in reality was only a recent innovation. With the concept of the nation firmly established, a sense of historic continuity was manufactured.

Technology and Progress seemed like they would give the world a future of unlimited abundance shared by all. The disintegration of the Soviet Union cleared the way for a newly unified global economic and social order. Now, we can all go about the business of fueling the engines of capitalism, as consumers.

However, wealth is being reserved for the Elite, natural resources are being used up, and it’s getting more
difficult to provide for oneself, economically. The promise of a world of material abundance was a lie, and many people didn’t fall for it.

From the 1950s through the 1970s, people all over the world rose up to challenge the established states for the control of their own lives. It didn’t matter if the states they inhabited were communist or capitalist: students, workers and peasants worldwide protested, organized and revolted against the pettiness their lives had acquired.

Here in America, people inspired by the civil rights movement and the determination of the people of Vietnam also rose up against our government. We fought a revolutionary war here in the U.S. from 1970-1972, though many fought on throughout the 1980s. This is where many of our current political prisoners originated.



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