overcoming a culture of slavery

“As late as 1700, the prevailing European social system was still one in which vast power, the greater part of landed wealth, and the prime control of political life belonged to the hereditary landed aristocracy. The factor of continuity of the civilization - built by slavesperpetuation down to the modern industrial world of a one-class social structure, or, in another phrasing, of the domination of a landed aristocracy, is one of the fundamental facts and continuing conditions of the history of western civilization.”

–Norman F. Cantor, introduction to The Civilization of the Middle Ages

As history and archeology students continue to make critical examinations of the “progress” of history, it’s become all too clear that, not only do we not live in the best of all worlds, but the ascension of Western civilization to world domination has been a catastrophe, rather than any sort of divinely ordained blessing. Especially when one considers how our technological civilization treats the Earth – as both a source of wealth to plunder, and as a garbage dump.

The thought that human beings are apart from the natural world, rather than part of a living Earth’s biosphere, is the original source of alienation. This is what made civilization possible. Once people began to build cities, the urbanites developed feelings of superiority over their fellow, less-civilized humans. So, first people became alienated from their habitat, then from one another. The rest, of course, is history.

Something else all civilizations have in common, one of their defining characteristics, is the creation of wealth and privilege for a ruling elite. Regimes may come and go, but the structure is never more than slightly modified. Elitism is preserved as the sole focus of civilized societies, no matter who is in charge.

The lives of the wealthy and privileged are so dissimilar to those of the poorer members of civilized societies, the elite constitute a distinct race – the Master Race. The oppression of civilization’s have-nots by this elite can therefore be accurately described as racism. This racism is the cornerstone upon which our Ultramodern civilization is built. It permeates every facet of the social fabric, so that everything which occurs everyday reinforces the domination of the citizens by a minority. Anyone who doesn’t serve the interests of the elite is seen as a deviant, an undesirable, and is dealt with as such.

The ruling elite of our current era is not made up of any ethnically “pure” people. People of all ethnic groups are allowed – encouraged, even – to fight their way into the inner circle, provided they are ruthless and cunning enough, and that they don’t present a challenge to institutionalized elitism. What the members of the Master Race do have in common is that they have received a Western education and they do business with Western banks, for the benefit of Western interests. It’s not ethnicity that makes one part of the Master Race. Only loyalty and service to Western institutions can grant one a pass into the upper echelons of our Ultramodern civilization. Which is, by the way, one of the primary aspects of fascism – defining one’s existence through service to institutions. Like, for instance, defining one’s life by vocation – “What do you do for a living?

religions prey upon the masses for the benefit of the Masters.
The Master Race had its beginning when the legal concept of sovereignty was developed by ancient empires. In many instances, the ruling authority was not only a mighty king, but a god incarnate. His word was thus more than law, but divine writ. The authority not just unchallenged, but unchallengeable. Sovereignty, by legal definition, is absolute authority embodied in a single person. This concept is crucial to the process of historical Progress – the Modern-era justification for centuries of genocidal carnage.

As Europe was overtaken by civilization, the idea of sovereignty was introduced there. Sovereignty was, by this time, invested in a ruler whose authority was ordained by a single deity, which handed out royal titles as if its very existence depended on them. Once this single, divinely anointed, authoritative power was established, most of what we recognize as contemporary civilization began to intrude into people’s lives: nationalism, economics and urbanization among them.

As cities grew and trade became more profitable, the rise of prosperous merchants and craft guilds in European societies was part of a process of liberalization of wealth that Karl Marx saw as potentially liberating for those who create the privileges and material abundance for the ruling elite to enjoy. The leaders of Marxist revolutionary groups, however, never seem to desire anything beyond taking their own places among the Master Race.

The elite’s wealth was stolen from lands and Peoples all over the world, and they’ve been doing this for over half a millennium, with no end in sight. That’s why the Master Race has vast stores of wealth, and why all the impoverished, underdeveloped countries are in debt to the former colonial powers. It’s a pretty good racket, isn’t it? Take away all the natural resources from some people, then loan or sell it back to them at a hefty profit.

Then, as now, the Master Race used its wealth and power to perpetuate elitist racism, and to nurture subdivisions among the masses in order to prevent them from uniting against the Master’s rule. This disunity then prevented the general population from holding the elites accountable for the atrocities committed in order to maintain the elite’s status. Instead, many of the ruled people emulated their Masters and competed against one another in order to obtain a greater share of the Master’s plunder.

Today, in the Ultramodern era, the Master Race has conquered over all, and reigns supreme. It presents one and only one worldview – its own – as acceptable, and obliterates everything that could potentially challenge its omnipotence. The dance, monkeys!Master Race doesn’t rule because its ways are inherently superior to other People’s. They rule because everywhere their minions venture, the local population is forced to accept the rule of the Master Race.

After the annihilation of their cultures, the various defeated Peoples began to see the world with their conqueror’s vision. They rebuilt their societies to accommodate the Master Race’s objectives. Everyone learned to think and act like their Masters, speak the Mater tongue, and were taught to desire a lifestyle comparable to that of the elite. Once a society was infected with this racist elitism, everyone in that society began to identify with the Master Race.

In the first attempt to permanently establish the rule of the Master Race around the world, they orchestrated World War I. Though U.S. President Woodrow Wilson lied that this war was fought to make the world “safe for democracy,” its true result was to ensure that representational rule be reserved for those who could be trusted to look out for the interests of the Master Race. For everyone else…horrible lives under ruthless, cruel dictatorships – in service to the Masters, of course!

Attempts to divide civilized societies into sub-divisions such as middle or working classes miss this essential point. The parts of society which do not comprise the elite are irrelevant. The single focus of every element in civilized societies is the creation and perpetuation of wealth and privilege for the benefit of the Master Race. The unfortunate masses left out of the elite ranks are insignificant. Our lives pass with little notice. We are interchangeable parts of an inhuman system.

We could be slaves, conquered by the armed forces of the elite; either from foreign lands, or from the homeland. The more privileged among us are mostly wage slaves these days. Let’s face facts: people who are compelled to toil for the benefit of others are slaves, no matter how rich their rewards

Working-class rebellions have not resulted in the abolition of slavery, but at best have only put some of the slaves in control of slavery. This is not a good deal for most people. The reason working people fall for this proposition at all is because there has been little or no questioning of the false promise of industrial society – unlimited material abundance – at least not in the more advanced industrial states.

The proponents of class struggle whole-heartedly accept industrial society as the right and proper way of life. The benefits generated through the exploitation of natural and human resources make the costs of such exploitation bearable, desirable even. Here in the 21st century, the ecological, psychological, spiritual, and social costs of industrialism are becoming increasingly and unavoidably obvious, even to the most willfully ignorant, and the benefits portioned out to a dwindling percentage of the public. We will be rid of the shackles of the Master Race when we can meet our needs without being forced into economic servitude. For that to happen, we need to pursue our own goal: control of land to utilize for our own needs.

It is not possible to create a new society – one based on integration with other People, our inner (higher) selves, and the world at large – within the context of the current society. Control of industry won’t free us from the grasp of the Master Race. Worker-controlled industries would still be dependent on elitist financial institutions. We’d still be crushed into dehumanizing, industrial standardization. We’d still be forced to compete for, even fight wars over, dwindling natural resources.

Alienation is the root of all of civilization’s problems. We are alienated from our environment by the insane belief that we are its masters. We are separated from other cultures by feeling we are rivals. We are in competition with our neighbors, and often struggle for domination within our own households. Our short-term desires can supersede our commitments and relationships with the people in our everyday lives. Our lives are so defined by alienation that almost everyone is resigned to live lives that bear no resemblance to their innermost desires. Not only that, but most people actively pursue daily routines that will prevent them from living rewarding, fulfilling lives. Alienation from our own selves is so entrenched in our social consciences that we think, “Well, that’s just the way it is.”

No, that’s not the way it is. That’s the way it is constructed anew, everyday. Things could be very different, if we find within ourselves and our relationships the strength and resolve to MAKE it different.

A new society must be built outside of this one. By working “within the system,” one is only integrating oneself further into the system. That’s how the Ultramodern world works. Anything that expands or requires economic activity feeds the elitist system. This is what is expected of us. In order to create a healthier, nurturing future for ourselves and our descendants, we are going to have to create new lives outside of the realm of economics and alienation.

That would require devoting our lives and energy into making these changes, as opposed to working for wages or otherwise acquiring money. This may sound scary and weird, but let me clue you in on something: Many native Peoples once held festivals where everyone gathered together and gave away all their possessions. At first, some people may have a lot more than others, but by the end of the festival, everyone pretty much had an equal share of all of their combined resources. Such outpourings of communal devotion are so great of a threat to civilized alienation that they are illegal in Canada and the U.S.


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